CCMT Education Cell

The Education Cell is the governing body of the Chinmaya Education Movement functioning from Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore. Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda is the Chairman of this body. The Cell integrates, monitors, streamlines, upgrades, standardizes and facilitates the efficient and smooth maintenance and further growth of all the Chinmaya Education institutions. It provides training and guidance to the staff, Principals and Managements of these institutions and plans for the entire educational movement in a practical, realistic and efficient manner.

The Cell helps to concretise Gurudev’s vision of education (CVP) through the Chinmaya education institutions all over the country. It produces resource material and conducts seminars to implement CVP. It effectively forges communication and interaction between the working units of Chinmaya Mission worldwide with all the educational aspects of the Mission to foster and strengthen the Chinmaya family spirit globally. The following are examples of the special events organised by the Education Cell.

In December 1999, the first All India Chinmaya Vidya Samanvaya was conducted for the principals and the secretaries of the institutions.

In the year 2000, an Educational Leadership Programme was organized for the academic and administrative heads of the institutions. The programme covered the latest concepts on educational management, educational philosophy and self team empowerment.

In May 2001, to commemorate the golden jubilee of Chinmaya Mission, Eureka, a 5-day unique camp of fun, learning, sharing and growing was organized for the Chinmaya children representatives from across the country.

In May 2002 Vidya Vikas, yet another unique teacher and principal empowerment programme was successfully conducted.

In August 2003 Vidya Pratishtha a special empowerment programme for the Managements of the institutions was conducted to heir role as the very support (pratishtha) of the institution.

“The largest room is room for improvement”. The Vidyalaya Improvement Programme (VIP) aims at making the schools VIP Schools – not schools only for VIPs but to make ‘Value based Ideal People’. The programme has started with

Parivartan – Initiating agents of change for principals

Parivardhan – Empowering agents of change for teachers

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