School with a Difference

Chinmaya Vidyalaya – School With A Difference


in Hindi means ‘taste’. The Chinmaya Vidyalayas have a special flavour. They are Schools With A Difference (SWAD). This ‘swad’ is because we strive to create Managements, Principals, Teachers and Parents with a difference which in turn makes for schools and students with a difference.

Inspired and Inspiring Principals

These principle-centred principals are inspired by the great vision of the Vidyalayas and in turn make inspiring CEOs leading the school to greater heights.

Sensitive and co-operative Parents

They rain their children with love, care and discipline, bestowing values and culture and align with the vision of vidyalaya.

Visionary and Supportive Management

They provide strategic planning for growth, efficient management of resources and support the entire institution giving it a firm foundation in its vision (goals).

Dedicated and Efficient Teachers

Besides being well qualified they also love knowledge, teaching and children and effectively transmit values and culture along with knowledge and skills.


Chinmaya Vidyalaya sincerely strives to bring out Students With A Difference who are endowed with Knowledge, Spirit of Service and Efficiency (Jnanam Seva cha Kaushalam).